Assistant Peer Recovery Center Coordinator


  • In collaboration with the Senior Peer Recovery Center Coordinator and Outreach Coordinator, s/he will recruit, hire, orient and train all newly acquired staff.
  • S/He will organize and maintain BCPRC files, electronic equipment, training, workshops and resource materials, and any publications useful for staff and BCPRC members.
  • S/He will be responsible for routine office tasks, including photocopying and distributing materials for the BCPRC as necessary, typing, transcribing meeting minutes and assisting the Senior Peer Recovery Center Coordinator in scheduling meetings and maintaining the BCPRC calendar as needed.


1.  S/He will have a High School Diploma or GED equivalent.

2.  Must complete mandatory eighteen (18) hour Ethics/Peer Support training and thirty (30) hour Recovery Coach training.

3.  Must have two years' experience in the guiding principles of recovery that assist individuals to improve their health and wellness, live a self-directed life, and reach their full potential.

4.  Must be intimately familiar with the local recovery community and knowledgeable of all local social services, businesses, faith-based organizations and neighborhoods.

5.  Experience in Fundraising and marketing is a plus.

6.  Bilingual, Spanish preferred.