Counselor Medication Assistance Treatment AC


  • Accrue 20 PTO days the 1st year of employment
  • Eligible for health insurance after 30 days of employment
  • Eligible to participate in 401K plan after 90 days of employment with up to 3% agency match
  • 8 paid holidays
  • Commuter assistance


1.Responsible for assessing clients for substance dependency needs using DSM criteria.

2.Develops realistic treatment plan based on relevant information gathered from all life areas of caseload clients within 30 days of admission with appropriate goals, objectives and intervention, including previous treatment records.

3.Responsible for completing the ASI, TPR, authorizations and progress notes in accordance with MAT policy and grant requirements.

4.Documents all client treatment activities as per program policy and maintains records in accordance with Attachment C.

5.Responsible for making appropriate referrals to Medicaid and medical referrals to include dose adjustments and psychiatric appointments and alternative levels of care as assessed by self and multidisciplinary team.

6.Prepares clients folders for annual and multidisciplinary review as requested by supervisor.

7.Conducts individual/group counseling sessions as required by grant requirements.

8.Participates in training and education workshops, both in-service and external; as directed by the supervisor and clinical director.

9.Develop client discharge-continuum of care plan and refer clients to outside agencies in accordance with specific client treatment needs.

10.Communicates regularly with the unit supervisor and keeps him/her up to date, informing supervisor of any unusual incidents and completes appropriate documentation.

11.Responsible for gathering current materials and relevant information for the purpose of conducting educational/didactic lectures.

12.Maintains departmental records and ensures confidentiality of departmental and client records in accordance with state, federal and HIPPA regulations.

13.Knows and adheres to policy and procedures of JBRC and the unit.

14.Follows departmental procedures for use of time clocks and reporting absences.

15.Assists with monitoring U/A specimens for clients and external referral sources.

16.Establishes and maintains a positive and cooperative working relationship with outside agencies.

17.Performs other related duties as assigned by Clinical Supervisor and other management as required.

18.Responsible for being a member of the multidisciplinary team as assigned to caseload. 


1.Ability to gather relevant history from client regarding drug abuse using appropriate interview techniques.

2.Ability to deliver service in a way that is responsive, respectful, caring and helpful while maintaining confidentiality.

3.Ability to establish and maintain a positive and cooperative working relationship with all employees.

4.Capable of explaining to the client the rationale for the use of assessment techniques in order to facilitate understanding.

5.Capable of developing a diagnostic evaluation of the client's substance abuse and any coexisting conditions based on the results of all assessments in order to provide an integrated approach to treatment planning based on the client's strengths, weaknesses and identified problems and needs.

6.Ability to identify and rank problems based on individual client needs in the written treatment plan.

7.Capable of formulating agreed upon immediate and long-term goals using behavioral terms in the written treatment plan.

8.Ability to identify the treatment methods and resources to be utilized as appropriate for the individual client.

9.Knowledgeable in techniques to assist the client, group and family in examining the client's behavior.

10.Ability to interact with the client in an appropriate therapeutic manner.

11.Capable of coordinating services for client care.

12.Capable of recognizing the elements of the client crisis and implementing an immediate course of action appropriate to the crisis, while enhancing overall treatment by utilizing crisis events with documentation. 

13.Knowledgeable in methadone/suboxone information and capable of presenting to the client through formal and/or informal processes.

14.Ability to match client needs and/or problems to appropriate resources.

15.Capable of preparing reports and relevant records integrating available information to facilitate the continuum of care.  Ability to chart pertinent ongoing information pertaining to the client, while utilizing relevant information from written documents for client care.

16.Knowledge of client HIPPA confidentiality, grievance, and appeals process and educating client in use of such.

17.Ability to be respectful of diverse cultures, ethnic, and religious backgrounds.




Bachelors or Master's Degree in Social Work or related field.  CADC LCADC, LSW, LAC