Dosing Nurse On-Call RN

Job Responsibilities:

1.Knowledge of methadone and suboxone  drug indications, dosage and route of administration. 

2.Capable of  logging  into SMART for start of day procedure and  completes end of day procedure. This includes computer for methadone and buprenorphine

3.Responsible  for accurate dispensing and recording  of methadone/suboxone for outpatient clients per state and federal regulations.

4.Ability to reconcile methadone/suboxone in SMART.

5.Accurately dispenses and records methadone/suboxone  per federal regulations to include counting and recording Controlled Dangerous Substances with two medical/nursing personnel.

6.Able to perform  bottle to bottle transfer of methadone.

7.Ability to  document  incidents regarding methadone/suboxone per federal regulations.

8.Ability to accurately enter  methadone/suboxone  dosages per MD orders and  renew expired orders. 

9.Accurate  assessment of clients prior to dosing , not limited to vital signs and document results.  Ability to obtain thorough and complete history and physicals on admission, annuals and as needed when dosing or medical issues occur during treatment.  Ability to obtain accurate medication lists and have basic knowledge of possible interactions with methadone and buprenorphine.

10.Administers emergency treatment and completes transfer process accurately to acute care when required.

11.Maintains client?s confidentiality in accordance with state and federal regulations.

12.Capable of delivering consistently superior quality service as measured by the clients? medical level.

13.Provide orientation to new clients  (infection control/universal precautions, dosage, safe handling).

14.Monitor medical order updates/completes and sign nursing assessments.

15.Ability to manage methadone and suboxone accountability forms.

16.Performs other related duties as assigned by immediate supervisor and other management as required.

17. Ability to maintain a clean work area that is properly stocked to safely administer MAT.  This shall include but not limited to:

  • maintaining inventory and supplies at each location
  • bottle labeling to ensure enough supply for next day
  • notifying administration and supervisors of issues and hazards

18. Ability to participate in treatment teams, mandatory in-services as scheduled by HR, administration and for new products or medications.


1.Must have computer skills required to administer methadone/suboxone doses and record data

2.Ability to actively engage in conversation with clients in order to clearly understand their needs.

3.Capable of delivering service in a way that is responsive, respectful, caring and helpful.

4.Ability to adapt to changing environments, policies or administrative procedures

5.Capable of delivering a consistently superior quality service as measured by the client?s medical level.

6.Capable of exhibiting  respect for individuals from all ethnic and cultural backgrounds




Graduate of an accredited school of  nursing.

Licensed in the State of New Jersey. 

 One year nursing experience.

CPR certification